Since 2015, we are dealing with development, engineering, share holding and subsequent management of Plants for sustainable mobility, with particular focus on BIOMETHANE, recovering Organic waste, in gaseous form (CNG) or liquid form (LNG), and from 2021 on Green HYDROGEN powered by renewable energy sources (H2G), and we do it with italian passion!

Starting with a search to identify the best geographical location, followed by a Feasibility Study on the single site potentialities, we move to the engineering activities according to the following key milestones:

  • Maximize the self-production energy from renewables, for internal uses
  • Produce residual digestate as EU fertilizer,  in accordance with 1009/2019 EU Regulation
  • Maximize plant compactness for optimal soil use
  • Management of spaces with a widespread presence of greenery
  • Guarantee a continuous and analytic monitoring of any odour emissions
  • Use of native plants in environmental mitigations
  • Recovery of CO2 extracted from the upgrading plant section
  • Search for appropriate financial partners, mainly focused on ESG parameters

Our main goal, as STAMNOS Mobility® , is to ensure a high standard of innovation, integration and energy self-production  in ALL our initiatives, to foster a circular economy model and pave the way for global sustainability.

Contact us to participate, our Marketing is at your disposal, write to or call us at

+ 39 331 9140865

+ 39 340 9085895



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